• January 25, 2022 - March 7, 2022
  • Paper Submission

To promote research on fintech, 2022 China Fintech Research Conference (CFTRC2022) will be held from April 23 to April 24, 2022 in Tianjin, China. This conference is initiated by Fintech Education and Research 50 Forum, co-organized by Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and more than 30 other colleges and universities, and sponsored by Tsinghua University Fintech Research Institute.

The CFTRC provides a high-quality academic exchange platform, where finance scholars and practitioners worldwide can share their in-depth research on important issues in Fintech area and exchange ideas on new developments in fintech research, with the ultimate goal of promoting financial innovations globally. Academic papers on fintech related topics are welcome, and we accept papers written in Chinese or English. The conference follows the format of international research conferences.